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#KidneyChat tripled last night!

Last night was the third week for #KidneyChat. I started it hoping to just talk with other donors and have people who were thinking about donating, have a place to openly ask questions. Every week, there have been more donors who I don’t know jumping in. Every week, there are more people who have begun … Continue reading

Looking back on the past two years…

…I never could have imagined I’d be where I am today! Kirti and I exchange photos a lot, and sometimes I get really emotional. Lately, though, they give me a push on this project. Before I started testing to donate, I had “go blonde” on my bucket list. I ended up going back to my … Continue reading

Our 2nd kidneyversary is coming up!!!

I cannot believe it’s been almost two years since my kidney donation. I cannot believe this damn kidney has taken over my life. (in a good way!) I cannot believe the path my life is on professionally with this kidney donation. I cannot believe that in 6 weeks, this documentary is FINALLY getting made! I … Continue reading

The podcast is setting records for downloads!

My friend Chris, who I’ve known for about nine years, set me up to do a podcast called “Positively Speaking” yesterday. It was a great experience and the host, Bill Poett, was very easy to talk to. For the first 45 minutes, it was me telling my story. Things blew up, though, when we started … Continue reading

#KidneyChat starts tonight!

#KidneyChat starts tonight at 8pm PST. There are many, many chats on Twitter for people to participate in. They are found by knowing what the hashtag for the chat is. For example, I know on Tuesday evenings, there is an #smmanners chat. It’s a discussion of Social Media manners. Chats are awesome because you can … Continue reading

Our Indiegogo campaign is LIVE!


Our Indiegogo campaign is LIVE!!!


Documentary update 2/28/2013