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SMSMK film update!

It took me a couple of weeks to get back into a “normal” (quotes used because my life – and schedule – are nothing normal!) life. The first two days back from being on the road for twenty were a bit of a culture shock. The day after we got home, I didn’t leave the … Continue reading

We filmed with my “brown family” last night!

So, we’ve been back for two weeks. Jimmy and I gave each other a “week off” from working on the film. We finally got to film part of my own story last night at TinyMom’s. Jean was there, and brought all the food that TinyMom couldn’t eat while sick. It was pretty powerful to see. … Continue reading

Home & thinking back on the donors in the film

We made it home safely yesterday! Our last interview was on the way home, and the contrast from previous interviews was striking! We stayed in Little Rock the night before interviewing Cathy. She donated in August, and we have become good friends since then. Now, when she said she lived about 45 minutes outside the … Continue reading

Freezing on the East coast, and on our way home!

When we left Ricky in Chicago, we had two days to spend with our families. Mine is in Buffalo, Jimmy’s is near Poughkeepsie. It was nice to see some familiar faces! Our interview in Cambridge with John was pretty cool. We shot right on the banks of the Charles. John donated over ten years ago, … Continue reading

I don’t even know what day it is anymore!

Every day in the car, Jimmy and I try to figure out what day it is. The only reminder about today is Mother’s Day. How crazy is that? I called my mom, who is headed to Canada for a vacation. They left my dog, Dexter, with my sister in Orange County, CA, while they are … Continue reading

Why my VW Golf rules for #kidneydoc!

While we were beginning to plan this project last summer, we were hoping to get a dealership to sponsor us with a car for the trip. We tried a few dealerships, but didn’t hear back. We were stuck with my car. It’s a 2012, so in great condition and low miles, because I work from … Continue reading

Day 3 of #kidneydoc

Before we left, my neighbor and one of my best friends, Matt, slipped a card under my door. He said to make sure I have some fun, and not make this trip all work. He also said to be open to serendipitous moments. Today was a perfect example of that. About a month ago, my … Continue reading

Day 2 of #Kidneydoc

Checking out of the hotel in Vegas, we had the nicest bellman from Sudan. He asked us all sorts of questions and was completely fascinated with what we are doing. As we started to pack the car, an older guy came out and said “Are you gonna fit all that in there?” Well, we had … Continue reading

Day 1 of #kidneydoc was great!

There was no way I was getting a full night’s sleep last night, so I was up at 6 and ready to get on the road! I picked up Jimmy at around 9:15 and we were on the road by 9:45. My friend Matt loaned me his roof rack, so we could get a cargo … Continue reading

2 weeks and counting!

I cannot believe that two weeks from this very moment, we will be filming the Vegas donor! We’ve had to be flexible in some of our plans due to fundraising, but that’s ok! We had to take the Calgary part out of the trip, but will fly Lauren into Bellingham while we are there. It’s … Continue reading