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2 weeks and counting!

I cannot believe that two weeks from this very moment, we will be filming the Vegas donor! We’ve had to be flexible in some of our plans due to fundraising, but that’s ok! We had to take the Calgary part out of the trip, but will fly Lauren into Bellingham while we are there. It’s … Continue reading

“A tank of gas and a sandwich.”

My mom donated $100 to the documentary the other day. $50 of that was from her neighbor, LaVon. A couple days later, I got this awesome card in the mail. I bawled like a baby when I read it. A future donor donated (again) today, and her comment for her donation was “For a tank … Continue reading

I was on NPR this morning!!!

I’ve been on The Today Show. I’ve been on the local TV stations about a half-dozen times. I had my own radio show for 4 years. Nothing could compare to this morning. I’ve always been a listener to NPR. Car Talk was one of the few things I had in common with my father. I … Continue reading

I really just wish it were May already!

We’ve been talking about this project since July. We’ve had meetings a few times a month since then. Jimmy and I are both really creative people, and with Jean on board now, there’s no shortage of ideas. Honestly, though, I just want to get on the road. I am not complaining, but I own my … Continue reading