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Nervous, excited, scared, humbled

The past week or so has really sucked. On Friday the 21st of December, I woke up with a sore throat. I went out to a comedy show that night, and didn’t feel sick. I just had a sore throat. I woke up the next day with the full-blown flu. My parents were already at … Continue reading

Staying inspired and motivated isn’t easy.

Last weekend, I spent 6 hours working on the itinerary and budget for the film. It’s a daunting task. I keep forgetting about things that will be needed. Thankfully, Dr. Robey has been there to help me and hear me vent. She’s got some great ideas! January is going to be the big month. I’ve … Continue reading

Helping out new donors

While I was testing to donate, I had a lot of personal “interviews” with many people on my team at Mayo. You get a Social Worker, and Advocate, a psych test (hahahaha yes, I passed! ), and all of the medical people. Those people kept me very well-informed, but they were lacking one thing: None … Continue reading

Our first fundraisers…and already half sold-out!

Being in the comedy world, as well as James, I thought “What better way to raise money than with solid comedy shows?” I called on the best of the best. I’ve been performing with most of these people for almost ten years. THAT is how quality these guys are. I am humbled & honored to … Continue reading